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Jumanji (short story)

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Wikipedia article

'Jumanji' is the title of a 1981 children's illustrated short story and fantasy story written and illustrated by the American author Chris Van Allsburg. It was made into a 1995 film of the same name. Both the book and the movie are about a magical board game that implements real animals and other jungle elements as the players are playing the game. The troubles which the players have to overcome appear in real life, not only in the board game. "Jumanji" is a Zulu word meaning "many effects".

Fritz, a bull terrier in all of Chris Van Allsburg's books, appears as a toy dog on wheels in the third illustration.


While their parents are out for the evening, two siblings (Judy and Peter) play a game that they found in the park. The game is named "Jumanji", and while they play it, they have to face real-life jungle creatures such as a lion, monkeys, rhinos, tsetse fly, and a snake. As the game progresses, new jungle disasters befall the two children, such as a monsoon and a volcano. Finally, after they reach the end, the disasters caused by the game's magic are undone, and the house is back to normal as it was when they started the game.

Judy and Peter then dispose of the "Jumanji" game in the park and return home to play a puzzle game. Later, their parents return home with some guests; one of the guests, seeing the unfinished puzzle, tells Judy and Peter of her two sons who play games but never finish them and that they don't read instructions, either. Judy and Peter then look out a window to see the two boys carrying "Jumanji" home to play it.

See also

*'Jumanji' (film), a film based on this book. Unlike the book, the film has adult characters like Alan Parrish, Sarah Whittle, and Hunter Van Pelt.

*'Jumanji' (TV series), animated TV series roughly based on the book and the film.

*'Zathura', another short story written by Van Allsburg, has also been adapted to film; its story also involves children who find a magic board game, but the theme is science fiction rather than jungle fiction. The children are Danny and Walter from the end of the story.


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