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Baseball Fever

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Wikipedia article

'Baseball Fever'The title refers to the protagonist (Ezra Feldman) and his obsession of baseball; however, it may also refer to his educative father and his depicted sourness of Ezra and his addiction to baseball. is a novel written by Johanna Hurwitz and published in 1981 by William Morrow and Company. It features Ezra Feldman as the protagonist, who has a depicted obsession to baseball and is primarily centered on his father and Ezra himself, who fail to compromise because Ezra prefers baseball and his father loathes baseball and prefers chess and sociology.

The book is located primarily in Flushing, New York, although the story includes Princeton, New Jersey and other locations. It also depicts the numerous attempts of the protagonist to get his scholarly father interested in baseball, much to his dismay.


Johanna Hurwitz conceived the book after realizing that her children were "obsessed" with baseball;It is stated on the eighth page of the novel that the book was developed from baseball enthusiasts Ben and Nomi Hurwitz. the plot developed into a situation between a father and a son.




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