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Books from 1958

A Case of Conscience

A Game for the Living

A Glass of Blessings

A Mixture of Frailties

A Stir of Echoes

A Summer Place

A Toy Epic


An Elephant for Aristotle

Around the World with Auntie Mame

Baifa Mon Zhuan

Balthazar (novel)

Borstal Boy

Breakfast at Tiffany's (novella)

Built for Trouble

Candy (novel)

Champagne for One

Close to Critical

Cocktail Time

Collision Course (novel)

Come Back for More

Craig of the Welsh Hills

Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine

Days of Ziklag

Die Brcke (novel)

Dr. No (novel)

Execution (novel)

Exodus (novel)

Five Get into a Fix

Freddy and the Dragon

Gabriela, cravo e canela

Hasta La Vista (novel)

Have Space SuitWill Travel

Hide My Eyes

Home from the Hill (novel)

Hornblower in the West Indies

Journey Through the Night

Jusep Torres Campalans

Killer's Payoff

La Semaine Sainte

Lady L (novel)

Last Nine Days of the Bismarck

Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn

Maigret Has Scruples

Man of Earth

Marianne Dreams

Methuselah's Children

Moderato Cantabile


Mr. Bass's Planetoid

Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris

Naked Among Wolves (novel)

Nine Coaches Waiting

Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids

Non-Stop (novel)

O Galo Que Cantou na Baa

Ordeal by Innocence

Our Man in Havana

Parrish (novel)

Path of Unreason

Pinky Pye

Playback (novel)

Red Alert (novel)

Saint-Germain ou la ngociation

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Seduction of the Minotaur

Seidman and Son

Shadows on the Hudson

South by Java Head

Starman's Quest

Strange People, Queer Notions

The Accounting

The Bell (novel)

The Best of Everything

The Big Country (novel)

The Cabin Faced West

The Candle in the Wind

The Chinese Bell Murders

The Cosmic Rape

The Cownappers

The Darkroom of Damocles

The Darling Buds of May (novel)

The Dead Man's Knock

The Death Dealers

The Dharma Bums

The Domes of Pico

The Doomsters

The End of the Road

The Enemy in the Blanket

The Finishing Stroke

The Getaway (novel)

The Ghost at Skeleton Rock

The Guide

The Kidnapping of Kensington

The King Must Die

The Languages of Pao

The League of Gentlemen (novel)

The Leopard

The Leopard (novel)

The Lincoln Hunters

The Lion

The Mezentian Gate

The Middle Age of Mrs Eliot

The Million Cities

The Mountain Is Young

The Northern Light (novel)

The Oldest Confession

The Once and Future King

The Perilous Road

The Pledge: Requiem for the Detective Novel

The Rainbow and the Rose

The Sherwood Ring

The Sleeping Mountain

The Subterraneans

The Sundial

The Survivors (Godwin novel)

The Time Traders

The Toff on the Farm

The Tower of Zanid

The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters

The Ugly American

The Winthrop Woman

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Things Fall Apart

To the Islands

Tom's Midnight Garden

Tracy's Tiger

Two Women (novel)

Undersea City

User:Curly Turkey/The End of the Road

Venetia (novel)

Warlock (1958 novel)

Warrior Scarlet

We Murder Stella

Web of the City

Where the Air Is Clear

Who? (novel)

Your Turn to Curtsy, My Turn to Bow


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