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Books from 1956

A Certain Smile

A Dangerous Game

A Legacy

A Thing of Beauty

A Walk on the Wild Side

An Episode of Sparrows

And the Rain My Drink

Anglo-Saxon Attitudes

Anglique, the Marquise of the Angels

Assignment: Murder

Badge of Evil

Bang the Drum Slowly

Beast in View

Beyond the Black Stump

Black Fox of Lorne

Boy in Darkness

Cairo Trilogy

Chemmeen (novel)

Chuva Braba

Cop Hater

Danny Dunn and the Anti-Gravity Paint

Dead Man's Folly

Death in Berlin

Death in Cyprus

Diamonds Are Forever (novel)

Don't Go Near the Water (novel)

Double Star

Envoy Extraordinary (novella)

Every Eye

Fifteen (novel)

Five on a Secret Trail

Freddy and Simon the Dictator

French Leave (novel)

Frenchman's Secret

Further Adventures of the Family from One End Street

Giovanni's Room

Girl in May

Harry Black (novel)

Houseboy (novel)

Imperial Woman

La Croix du Sanguine Rouge

Les Monstres du Nant

Les tres de Feu

Lost in the Barrens

Luca's Secret

Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury

Lucy Crown

Mad River (novel)

Maigret's Failure

Might as Well Be Dead

Miracles on Maple Hill

Mrtvo morje (novel)


Never the Same Again

No Man Friday

Nos Anctres de l'Avenir

Not by Bread Alone

Old Yeller

Palace Walk

Patrick Butler for the Defense

Petelinji zajtrk (novel)

Peyton Place (novel)

Pincher Martin

Plague Ship

Prisonniers du Pass

Ragazzi di vita

Seize the Day (novel)

Sheepdog Glory

Silver Canyon

Slave Ship (Frederik Pohl novel)

Sprig Muslin

Spring Silkworms

Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet

Sword Stained with Royal Blood

Tales of a Long Night

That Uncertain Feeling

The Amazing Vacation

The Ascent of Rum Doodle

The Black Obelisk

The Brave Cowboy

The Burden (novel)

The City and the Stars

The Cup of Fury

The Death of Grass

The Devil to Pay in the Backlands

The Dragon in the Sea

The Etruscan

The Fall (Albert Camus novel)

The Field of Vision

The Flight from the Enchanter

The Floating Opera

The Golden Ocean

The Hidden Window Mystery

The House of Sixty Fathers

The Hundred and One Dalmatians

The Hunters (novel)

The Image (novel)

The Key (Tanizaki novel)

The Last Battle

The Last Hurrah

The Last of the Wine

The Lonely Londoners

The Man Who Japed

The Mugger (novel)

The Mystery of the Missing Man

The Naked Sun

The Nun's Story

The Players of Null-A

The Power (novel)

The Return of Tharn

The Roots of Heaven (novel)

The Settlers (novel)

The Shield Ring

The Shrinking Man

The Silver Sword

The Song of the Red Ruby

The Stars My Destination

The Temple of the Golden Pavilion

The Towers of Trebizond

The Willing Flesh

The World Jones Made

The Wreck of the Mary Deare

Till We Have Faces

Time for a Tiger

Time for the Stars

To Live Forever (novel)

Train to Pakistan

Undersea Fleet

Volcano Adventure

Wildfire at Midnight

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