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Books from 1952

A Buyer's Market

A Daughter's a Daughter

A Many-Splendoured Thing

A Stone for Danny Fisher

Ballroom of the Skies

Barmy in Wonderland

Beat Not the Bones

Behind the Crimson Blind

Betsy and the Great World

Charlotte's Web

City (novel)

Coins in the Fountain (novel)

David Starr, Space Ranger

Death Is My Trade

Double Jeopardy (novel)

Drome (novel)

East of Eden (novel)

Excellent Women

Fable for Another Time

Fiesta al noroeste

Five Have a Wonderful Time

Foundation and Empire

Freddy the Pilot

Go (Holmes novel)

Gorse Trilogy

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (novel)

Hemlock and After

Henry and Beezus

Hidden in a Dream

Into a Strange Lost World

Invisible Man

Islands in the Sky

Jalan Tak Ada Ujung

Kiss Me, Deadly

L'invasion de la Terre

Last Seen Wearing ... (Hillary Waugh novel)

Leaves for Burning

Les Animaux dnaturs

Let It Come Down (novel)

Lieutenant Hornblower

Marooned on Mars

Mists of Dawn

Mount Analogue

Mrs McGinty's Dead

October Island

People of the Deer

Pigs Have Wings

Player Piano

Prisoner's Base

Red Sails to Capri

Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet

Rocket Jockey (novel)

Secret of the Andes

Shiloh (historical novel)

Sironia, Texas

South Sea Adventure

Spark of Life (novel)

Spin the Glass Web

Spirit of Punchbowl Farm

Spring Fire

The Blue Star (novel)

The Borrowers

The Bridal Path

The Bridge over the River Kwai

The Chocolate Touch

The Cloven Viscount

The Country of Marriage

The Crystal Horde

The Currents of Space

The Dark Angel (Waltari)

The Deceivers

The Far Country (1952 novel)

The Far Hills

The Financial Expert

The Gentle Falcon

The Gown of Glory

The Killer Inside Me

The King Is Dead (novel)

The Long Loud Silence

The Mystery at the Ski Jump

The Mystery of the Strange Bundle

The Natural

The Nine Wrong Answers

The Old Man and the Sea

The Palm-Wine Drinkard

The Passionate Heart

The Planet of Youth

The Price of Salt

The Rolling Stones (novel)

The Secret of Wildcat Swamp

The Silver Chalice

The Sound of His Horn

The Starmen

The Sundowners (novel)

The Tiger in the Smoke

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The Weapon Makers

The West Pier

The Wonderful Country

The World in the Evening

They Do It with Mirrors

This Island Earth (novel)

Thousand Cranes

To Catch a Thief (novel)

Wise Blood

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