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Books from 1949

A Graveyard to Let

A Mind at Peace

All Things Betray Thee

Amazon Adventure

Arabella (novel)


Atomsk (novel)

Brat Farrar

Cannon-Fodder (novel)


Cat of Many Tails

Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee

Confessions of a Mask

Crooked House

Earth Abides

Exiles of Time

Five Get Into Trouble

Freddy Plays Football

Gunahon Ka Devta

Heliopolis (novel)

Karius and Bactus

Kildee House

Le ragazze di San Frediano

Little Boy Lost (novel)

Lords of Creation

Lottie and Lisa

Love in a Cold Climate

Men of Maize

Mr. Sampath The Printer of Malgudi

Murder Most Royal

New Day (novel)

Nineteen Eighty-Four

No Boats on Bannermere

Nothing More Than Murder

O Shepherd, Speak!

On Overgrown Paths

Plunder of the Sun

Poor Man's Orange

Red Planet (novel)

Seven Days in New Crete

Seven Out of Time

Shane (novel)


Sixth Column

Song of the Pines

Swing Brother Swing

The Blue Cat of Castle Town

The Brave Bulls

The Cannibal (novel)

The Clue of the Leaning Chimney

The Cry and the Covenant

The Dead Stay Young

The Diplomat (novel)

The Door in the Wall

The Dream Merchants

The Emigrants (Moberg novel)

The Eternal Conflict

The Fires of Spring

The Golden Time

The Great House (novel)

The Homunculus (Keller novel)

The Incredible Planet

The Islands of Unwisdom

The Kingdom of this World

The Long Shadow (novel)

The Magic Chalk

The Man with the Golden Arm (novel)

The Mating Season (novel)

The Midnight Horse

The Moving Target

The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat

The Parasites

The Queen of Zamba

The Screaming Mimi (novel)

The Second Confession

The Shaggy Man of Oz

The Sheltering Sky

The Thief's Journal

The Train Was on Time

The Wanderer (Waltari novel)

The Way West

Time of Hope

To Every Man a Penny

Tree of Freedom

Troubled Sleep

Week-end at Zuydcoote

What Mad Universe


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