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Books from 1941

A Fish Dinner in Memison

An Bal Bocht

Ariel (novel)

As for Me and My House

Barometer Rising

Betsy-Tacy and Tib

Between Two Worlds (Upton Sinclair)

Between the Acts

Blood on the Forge

China Sky

Columbus (novel)

Death Turns the Tables

Delilah (novel)


Evil Under the Sun

Faro's Daughter

Freddy and the Ignormus

Genus Homo (novel)

Hangover Square

Hawk's Nest (novel)

Haym Salomon, Son of Liberty

In This Our Life (novel)

Little Town on the Prairie

Marihuana (novel)

Mars in Aries


Methuselah's Children

Mildred Pierce

Missee Lee

My Theodosia

N or M?

Orphans of the Sky

Over to Candleford

Random Harvest

Reflections in a Golden Eye (novel)

Saratoga Trunk (novel)

Seeing is Believing (novel)

Sick Heart River

Storm (novel)

Surfeit of Lampreys

The Black Curtain

The Black Stallion

The Broken Vase

The Captain from Connecticut

The Case of the Constant Suicides

The Colossus of Maroussi

The G-String Murders

The Hammer of God (Bo Giertz novel)

The Hollow Chest

The Keys of the Kingdom

The Living and the Dead (White novel)

The Long Ships

The Love of the Last Tycoon

The Matchlock Gun

The Monarch of the Glen (novel)

The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion

The Mystery of the Flying Express

The Real Life of Sebastian Knight

The Saturdays (novel)

The Swish of the Curtain

The Timeless Land

The Turquoise Shop

The Twins at St. Clare's

The Wife of Martin Guerre

This Above All

Thomas the Obscure

Traitor's Purse

Up at the Villa

We Couldn't Leave Dinah

What Makes Sammy Run?

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