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Anne of Ingleside

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Wikipedia article

'Anne of Ingleside' is a children's novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. It was first published in August 1939 by George G. Harrap & Co Ltd. It is the sixth book in the chronology and the final book to be published.

The novel is one of a series of books featuring the character Anne Shirley. Montgomery found her inspiration in a newspaper article about a couple who were mistakenly sent an orphan girl instead of a boy, yet decided to keep her. She also drew upon her own childhood experiences in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada. A photograph of Evelyn Nesbitt, clipped from an American magazine and pasted to the wall near the author's writing desk, was also used as a model for Anne.


Seven years after 'Anne's House of Dreams', Anne visits Diana Wright and her daughter, Anne Cordelia, in Avonlea following the funeral of Gilbert's father. When she returns home to the old Morgan house, now named "Ingleside", she is greeted by her five children: James Matthew ('Jem'), the eldest, now aged seven; Walter Cuthbert, who is about six and often thought to be a bit of a 'sissy' because of his love for poetry; twins Anne ('Nan') and Diana ('Di'), who are five and look nothing alike, Nan with brown hair and hazel eyes, and Di with red hair and green eyes; and finally Shirley, two years old and Susan Baker's favorite, as she took care of him as an infant while Anne was very sick following his birth.

The book includes the dreadful, seemingly eternal visit of Gilbert's disagreeable, oversensitive aunt Mary Maria Blythe, whose visit was only supposed to last two weeks but stretches on for months and who only leaves when Anne unintentionally offends her by arranging a surprise birthday party, much to the relief of the family.

During the novel, Anne and Gilbert's youngest child is born and is named Bertha Marilla Blythe. She is also called Roly-Poly, or, generally, 'Rilla'. The novel includes a series of adventures which spotlight one of Anne's children at a time as they engage in the misunderstandings and mishaps of youth.

At the end of the book, Anne worries that Gilbert has grown distant and possibly doesn't love her anymore. She and Gilbert spend a disagreeable evening with the widowed and childless Christine Stuart, who was once Anne's rival (or so she thought) for Gilbert's love. Suddenly realizing how tired Gilbert looks, Anne begins to wonder if 'she' has been taking 'Gilbert' for granted. At the end she is proven wrong, as Gilbert's lack of attention was caused by worry over one of his patients. He surprises Anne with an anniversary gift and a promise of a trip to Europe for a medical congress.


Montgomery continued the story of Anne Shirley in a series of sequels. They are listed in the order of Anne's age in each novel.


* ISBN 0-553-21315-6 (paperback, 1992)

* ISBN 0-14-036801-9 (paperback, 2005)


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