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Books from 1936

A Gun for Sale

Absalom, Absalom!

Agents and Patients

Anne of Windy Poplars

At the Mountains of Madness

Ballet Shoes (novel)

Behind the Evidence

Billy and Blaze

Black Spring (novel)

Bread and Wine (novel)


Capites da Areia

Captain Salt in Oz

Cards on the Table

Category:Gone with the Wind

Confession of a Murderer

Coolie (novel)

Death in Ecstasy

Death on Credit

Despair (novel)

Doctor Syn on the High Seas

Drums Along the Mohawk (novel)

Dumb Luck (novel)

El Jetn

Eyeless in Gaza

Fighting Angel

Fire Over England (novel)

Flowers for the Judge

Further Adventures of Doctor Syn


Gone with the Wind

Halfway House (novel)

House of Incest

How the Steel Was Tempered

If I Were a Boy (novel)

In Dubious Battle

Jamaica Inn (novel)

Joseph and His Brothers

Katrina (novel)

Keep the Aspidistra Flying

Know Ye Not Agincourt?

Laughing Gas (novel)

Layar Terkembang

Man Overboard!

Mar Morto

Mephisto (novel)

Minty Alley

Murder in Mesopotamia

Names in Marble


Nobody's Buddy

Out of Order (novel)

Phebe Fairchild: Her Book

Pigeon Post

Roller Skates

Saint Overboard

Sherston's Progress

Sir Percy Leads the Band

South Riding (novel)

Stowaway to Mars

Susannah of the Mounties

Swords of Mars

Tarzan's Quest

Thank You, Mr. Moto (novel)

The A.B.C. Murders

The Arabian Nights Murder

The Brothers Ashkenazi

The Codfish Musket

The Crimson Patch

The Dark Frontier

The General (C. S. Forester novel)

The Gilt Kid

The Golden Basket

The Hurricane (novel)

The Island of Sheep

The Island of the Mighty

The Kidnap Murder Case

The Lady in the Morgue

The Law and the McLaughlins

The Mystery of the Ivory Charm

The Punch and Judy Murders

The Rock Pool

The Rolling Years

The Rubber Band

The Sea of Grass

The Sinister Signpost

The Surrounded

The Talisman Ring

Three Comrades (novel)

Traed mewn cyffion

Trent's Own Case

War with the Newts

We the Living

Whistler's Van


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