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The Dark Eyes of London (novel)

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Wikipedia article

'The Dark Eyes Of London' is a crime novel by the British writer Edgar Wallace which was first published in 1924.Richards p.89 An unbalanced Doctor and his brother murder a series of wealthy men to benefit from their life insurance policies, using a charity for the blind as a front for their activities. The persistent Inspector Holt of Scotland Yard is soon on their trail. It was based on a earlier short story 'The Croakers' which Wallace had written.


The novel has twice been adapted into films. In 1939 a British version 'The Dark Eyes of London' was made, directed by Walter Summers, which turned Wallace's crime story into a more full-blown horror film. In 1961 a German film 'The Dead Eyes of London', directed by Alfred Vohrer, was released - largely inspired by the earlier British film.



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