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Out of Time's Abyss

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Wikipedia article

'Out of Times Abyss' is an Edgar Rice Burroughs science fiction novel, the third of his Caspak trilogy. The sequence was first published in 'Blue Book Magazine' as a three-part serial in the issues for September, October and November 1918, with 'Out of Time's Abyss' forming the third installment. The complete trilogy was later combined for publication in book form under the title of 'The Land That Time Forgot' (properly speaking the title of the first part) by A. C. McClurg in June 1924. Beginning with the Ace Books editions of the 1960s, the three segments have usually been issued as separate short novels. The third of these is treated in this article.

Plot introduction

'Out of Time's Abyss' is a direct sequel to 'The Land That Time Forgot' and 'The People That Time Forgot', continuing the lost world saga begun in the earlier stories. It connects the previous two installments, bringing in characters introduced in each. Burroughs completes the revelation of his lost world's unique biological system, only hinted at in the previous installment, in which the slow progress of evolution in the world outside is recapitulated as a matter of individual metamorphosis. This system forms a thematic element serving to unite the three otherwise rather loosely linked Caspak stories.

Plot summary

The book begins with 'Bradley', who had left Fort Dinosaur on an expedition in the first novel and never returned. Bradley and his party are attempting to return to Fort Dinosaur. Along the way, they encounter a creature which appears to be a flying dead man. Some of the members of the party consider it to be a ghost or banshee. 'Tippet' is convinced that he is soon to die, and the next day he is killed by a Tyrannosaurus. The ghost-like creature is seen again, and 'James' is killed by a saber-toothed cat. Bradley disappears during the night, and the remaining members of the party make it safely to Fort Dinosaur.

Bradley had been captured by the ghost-like creature, which is soon revealed to be a naturally winged human being, belonging to a subgroup of humanity known as the Wieroo. The Wieroo takes Bradley to the island of Oo-oh, set in Caspak's inland sea. It attempts to keep Bradley in a prison, but he escapes through a secret passage. He meets 'Co-Tan', a member of the highest human race of mainland Caspak, the 'Galu', fully human and of a neolithic cultural level. They enter the chamber of the Wieroo king, a huge member of the race, and Bradley kills the creature with its own sword.

Co-Tan and Bradley escape the city of the Wieroo and live for several months on the forested coast of Oo-oh. Finally, though, they are discovered by Wieroo. They succeed in capturing two of the Wieroo and forcing them to fly to the mainland, one bearing each of the humans.

On the Caspakian mainland, Co-Tan and Bradley meet the party from the outside world from the previous two books, and they return home to America, where Bradley will marry Co-Tan.

Prehistoric animals featured

*Tyrannosaurus Rex

*Sabre-tooth cat

*Cave bear

*Woolly mammoth


*Cave lion


The copyright for this story has expired in the United States and, thus, now resides in the public domain there. The text is available via Project Gutenberg.

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