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Grampa in Oz

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Wikipedia article

'Grampa in Oz' (1924) is the eighteenth in the series of Oz books created by L. Frank Baum and his successors, and the fourth written by Ruth Plumly Thompson.


Things are going from bad to worse in the dilapidated kingdom of Ragbad; even the rag crop is failing. To top it all off (or not), King Fumbo's head is blown away in a ferocious storm (with "ten thousand pounds of thunder"). Prince Tatters of Ragbag, and Grampa, a former soldier and the bravest man in the kingdom (population 27), set out to search for King Fumbo's lost head, and a fortune to save the kingdom, and a princess to boot. They are joined by Bill, an iron weathercock from Chicago, who was brought to life by an electrical storm and blown to Oz.Jack Snow, 'Who's Who in Oz', Chicago, Reilly & Lee, 1954; New York, Peter Bedrick Books, 1988; pp. 17, 73, 81, 208-9.

Meanwhile, in Perhaps City in the Maybe Mountains, the Princess Pretty Good has a problem: the prophet Abrog (also known as Gorba) foresees her marrying a monster if she does not marry in four days. (He suggests himself as her bridegroom.) When Pretty Good resists, Abrog kidnaps her and tries to transform her into a clod of earth; but since she is, in fact, 'more' than just pretty good, as princesses go, Pretty Good turns into the beautiful flower fairy Urtha.'Who's Who in Oz', pp. 5, 167.

Wide-ranging adventures—from Fire Island to Isa Poso to Monday Mountain — culminate in the location and restoration of King Fumbo's head. Dorothy (with the help of Percy Vere the forgetful poet)'Who's Who in Oz', pp. 58-9, 158-9. manages to restore order. Prince Tatters ends up married to Princess Pretty Good — which is pretty good for him.


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