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Books from 1923

A Lost Lady


Aelita (novel)

Antic Hay

Bambi, A Life in the Woods

Cane (novel)

Children of Orpheus

Doctor Dolittle's Post Office

Emily of New Moon

Emily's Quest

Fields of Sleep

Green Wheat

In Search of Lost Time

Kangaroo (novel)

King Matt the First

La Brire

Le Diable au corps (novel)

Le bal du Comte d'Orgel

Leave It to Psmith

Little King Matty...and the Desert Island

Many Marriages

Men Like Gods

One of Ours

People of the Comet

Riceyman Steps

Stella Dallas (novel)

Tarzan and the Golden Lion

The Able McLaughlins

The Blackguard (novel)

The Clue of the New Pin (novel)

The Cowardly Lion of Oz

The Fox (novella)

The Garden of God

The Girl from Hollywood

The Good Soldier vejk

The Great American Novel (Williams)

The Great Roxhythe

The Murder on the Links

The Nine Unknown

The People of Juvik

The Rover (novel)

The Woman of Knockaloe

Through the Wheat

Thy Neighbour's Wife

Whose Body?

Zeno's Conscience

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