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People of the Comet

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Wikipedia article

'People of the Comet' is a science fiction novel by Austin Hall. It was first published in book form in 1948 by Griffin Publishing Company in an edition of 900 copies. The novel was originally serialized in two parts in the magazine 'Weird Tales' beginning in September 1923. The author's own title for the novel was 'Hop O' My Thumb'.

Plot introduction

The novel concerns super-beings who reveal that our solar system is an atom in a larger universe.

Publication history

*1923, USA, 'Weird Tales', Pub date September 1923, magazine serialization in 2 parts

*1948, USA, Griffin Publishing Company , Pub date 1948, Hardback, first book publication

*1950, Belgium, comics magazine 'Bravo', Pub date 23 November 1950, magazine, as 'La comte rouge'. Serial. Digest in french of the original text.




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