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Fields of Sleep

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Wikipedia article

'Fields of Sleep' is a fantasy novel by E. C. Vivian. It was first published in the United Kingdom in 1923 by Hutchinson. In the US, the novel first appeared in the magazine

'Famous Fantastic Mysteries' under the title 'The Valley of Silent Men'. An edition with illustrations by Thomas Canty was published by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. in 1980.

Plot introduction

The novel concerns English adventurer Victor Marshall who is hired to find a fellow Englishman who is lost in Asiatic Sapelung. Marshall discovers a hidden valley and is imprisoned by its inhabitants who are descended from ancient Chaldean colonists. The inhabitants are dependent on a narcotic flower whose fragrance produces ecstasy. Marshall finds his countryman living among the inhabitants. After a flood, the flowers are destroyed and without it, the inhabitants including Marshall's countryman perish. Not dependent on the flower, Marshall survives.






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