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Books from 1915

A Bride of the Plains

A Far Country (Winston Churchill)

Anne of the Island

Aunt Jane's Nieces in the Red Cross

Beyond Thirty

Beyond Thirty and The Man-Eater

Dear Enemy (novel)

Doctor Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh

Herland (novel)

K. (novel)


Of Human Bondage

Pellucidar (novel)

Plutonia (novel)

Psmith, Journalist

Salute to Adventurers

Something Fresh

Strange Life of Ivan Osokin

The "Genius" (novel)

The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse

The Bronze Eagle

The Forged Note

The Good Soldier

The Little Lady of the Big House

The Lone Star Ranger

The Lost Prince (novel)

The Man-Eater

The Metamorphosis

The Primrose Ring

The Rainbow

The Rainbow Trail

The Research Magnificent

The Return of Tarzan

The Scarecrow of Oz

The Sea Hawk

The Song of the Lark

The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke

The Star Rover

The Thirty-Nine Steps

The Trail of the Hawk

The Underdogs (novel)

The Valley of Fear

The Voyage Out

The Yellow Claw

Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship

Victory (novel)

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