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Marjorie's Quest

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Wikipedia article

'Marjorie's Quest', a sentimental book for the young girls, written in 1872, by Jeanie Gould.

The book inspired a Polish writer; Henryk Sienkiewicz to write his children's book 'In desert and wilderness'.'W pustyni i w puszczy - prawda i legenda', Wiesaw Kot, G&P Oficyna Wydawnicza Pozna, Pozna 2001, page 66


The book takes place in the second part of the 1850s and is a story of a young orphan girl; Marjorie, who on the way to the next orphanage meets a nice and concerned Judge Gray. He keeps the girl for a while at his place, where she befriends with his teenage son; Reggie.

Unfortunately, Marjorie finally gets to the orphanage, but eventually does not stay there long, since a wealthy family adopts her. The family has just lost their own little girl and has a teenage son, who becomes highly jealous of his new sister. His unpleasant behaviour results in Marjorie's accident and consequently, missing. The girl loses her memory and an old begger finds her and looks after her. She turns out to have her own business in it, though. When the girl recovers, she is taken for beg by the begger because people more willingly give money to children. One day, the couple meets a young woman who takes Marjorie from the begger and adopts her.

Six years later, Marjorie goes to a Southern farm, where she is a teacher for two little children. There, she meets a young soldier ...


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