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Bunte Steine

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Wikipedia article

'Colourful stones' (German: Bunte Steine) is the name of six novellas by Adalbert Stifter, published in two volumes in 1853 by Gustav Heckenast in Pest. The subtitle is: Ein Festgeschenk (a present).

In April 2021, a first complete English translation of the work by Isabel Fargo Cole is scheduled to be released by 'The New York Review of Books'.


Five out of six novellas already existed in preceding editions:

* 'Granit' (Granite) 1848 as 'Die Pechbrenner' (Vergimeinnicht. Taschenbuch fr 1849)

* 'Kalkstein' (Limestone) 1847 as 'Der arme Wohlthter' (Austria. sterreichischer Universal-Kalender fr das Schaltjahr 1848)

* 'Turmalin' 1851 as 'Der Pfrtner im Herrenhause' (Libussa. Jahrbuch fr 1852)

* 'Bergkristall' (Rock Crystal) 1845 as 'Der heilige Abend' ('Die Gegenwart. Politisch literarisches Tageblatt')

* 'Bergmilch' 1843 as 'Wirkungen eines weien Mantels' (Wiener Zeitschrift fr Kunst, Literatur, Theater und Mode)


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