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Wikipedia article

'Gobseck' is an 1830 novel by French author Honor de Balzac (1799-1850) and included in the 'Scnes de la vie prive' section of his novel sequence 'La Comdie humaine'. 'Gobseck' first appeared in outline form in 'La Mode' in March 1830 under the title 'lUsurier' ('The Usurer'), and then in August 1830 in the periodical 'Le Voleur'. The actual novel appeared in a volume published by Mame-Delaunay under the title 'les Dangers de linconduite'. This novel would appear in 1835 under the title of 'Papa Gobseck' in a volume published by Madame Charles-Bchet. The definitive title of 'Gobseck' would appear in 1842 in the Furne edition of 'La Comdie humaine'.

The plot of 'Gobseck', set during the French Restoration, concerns Anastasie de Restaud, ne Goriot.Patricia Mainardi, 'Husbands, wives, and lovers: marriage and its discontents in nineteenth-century France' (Yale University Press, 2003), 169. Anastasie de Restaud is the daughter of a rich bourgeois who has married into the aristocracy, but is bored by her marriage, which is loveless and passionless.

Anastasie de Restaud has an affair with Maxime de Trailles, and spends her fortune on de Trailles. She turns to the usurer Jean-Esther van Gobseck for financial assistance. Matre Derville acts as Gobsecks lawyer. Subsequently both Anastasie's marriage is destroyed and her family fortune is lost.

Film versions

*'Gobseck', Soviet film by Konstantin Eggert

*'Gobseck', Soviet remake of the 1936 film by Alexandre Orlov.


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