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Wikipedia article

'Cloudesley: A Tale' (1830) is the fifth novel published by eighteenth-century philosopher and novelist William Godwin.

Publication details

'Cloudesley' was published thirteen years after 'Mandeville', Godwin's fourth novel, and two years after the completion of his four-volume 'History of the Commonwealth of England'. He was 74 when 'Cloudesley' was issued.Allen, "Cloudesley; A Tale".

Plot and themes

According to the literary scholar Graham Allen, "Cloudesley is a story of deceit and usurpation, fraud and prolonged guilt; but, far more importantly, it is the story of how a man raises himself from crime to transcend not only his own past but the apparently inexorable laws of blood-relations and class divisions." He argues that 'Cloudesley' "is the greatest example of a theme frequently returned to in Godwins work, a theme obviously close to his heart: the ability of human beings to transcend the apparent logic of consanguinity and to form parental and filial relations with those to whom they are not related by blood."



*Allen, Graham. "Cloudesley; A Tale". 'The Literary Encyclopedia'. 27 September 2004. Retrieved on 22 April 2008.

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