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Candide, Part II

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Wikipedia article

'Candide, or Optimism Part II' is an apocryphal picaresque novel, possibly written by Thorel de Campigneulles (17371809) or Henri Joseph Du Laurens (17191797), published in 1760.Candide, VIII, IX 'Candide'[http://candidebyvoltiare.com/ Candide, or Optimism] was written by Voltaire and had been published a year earlier (1759). This work was banned and became popular enough that pirated versions started to appear.Candide, VIII The second part was attributed to both Campigneulles—"a now largely unknown writer of third-rate moralising novels;" and Laurens—who is suspected of having habitually plagiarised Voltaire. The story continued with Candide new adventures in the Ottoman Empire, Persia, and Denmark.

A new scholarly edition with introduction and notes all in French was produced in 2003 by Edouard Langille (see References), and in 2007, Langille also edited Candide en Dannemarc (Candide in Denmark), which takes up the story following Candide, Part II.

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* Clark, Roger. Candide, Wordsworth Classics ISBN 978-1-85326-063-6

*Langille, Edouard (ed). Candide, seconde partie [1760]. Great Britain: University of Exeter Press, 2003.

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